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CONSIDER - use of   for children in all but disordered control of breathing and respiratory failure.
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BLS Systems Rescuer CPAP In-service Video
This video is to be used to train medical personnel on the basis of the disposable BLS Systems Rescuer CPAP system.

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EZ-IO® Vascular Access Proximal Humerus Infusion (M-729 Rev A)
Iodinated contrast infused manually in live human subject for illustrative purposes only, to demonstrate rapid flow into right atrium. For more information, please visit

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EZ-IO Humerus Insertion instructions
A 1 1/2 minute instruction on how to insert in the humerus


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Tibia Identification Lidocaine Infusion Removal
Instructional Video for EZ-IO, Tibia Placement

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Distal Tibia
Distal Tibia placement of the EZ-IO needle

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2013 PALS Update
Dr. Hill and the 2013 PALS UpdateFor information on attending and watching the lectures live at the conference this year visit

NOTE - this video information is NOT currently included in PALS material, but of interest to emergency nurses dealing with children with mild to moderate dehydration.  More training on this topic is available in Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course by the ENA


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SubQ ReHydration - by PRN
SubQ Rehydration has potential to be a valuable adjunctive therapy in treatment of children with mild to moderate dehydration. Often children present to the emergency department with symptoms of dehy...
Face to face ... traditional classroom style emergency education to both rural and urban healthcare systems.

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