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DEFCON Warning System

DEFCON Warning System
Not affiliated with any government or military defense condition status, the DWS
is a private organization which monitors and reports world conditions
which may threaten world peace in regards to the use of nuclear weapons.

FEMA Publication
click above to download report. Last edited in 2012


Now, more than ever before, all medical entities must have a PLAN to be meet challenges of any disaster situation.  From an "Active Shooter" in the workplace ...
Actual Columbine Video excerpt - click here to see


to power outage from severe weather, management must have a disaster plan to meet any foreseeable circumstance.

H1N1 Prevention

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Pandemic Education and Prevention
A Pandemic awareness video explaining what to do to help prevent the spread of H1N1 flu virus.

Preparation / Prevention for the Current H1N1 Crisis is the same as prevention for all potential pandemics. Please assist me in review and updating of the protocol below...


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program helps train citizens to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their communities. When emergencies happen, CERT members can give critical support to first responders, provide immediate assistance to victims, and organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. CERT members can also help with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community.

Similar groups in Japan were credited with saving countless lives and property damage in the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunami.  These teams can also volunteer in mass to help in disasters in surrounding areas if called upon by authorities.

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National version of CERT recruitment public service announcement. Produced by the LAKE ELSINORE CITIZEN CORPS, Lake Elsinore, CA.


Having a PLAN is not enough.  Every member of your team must TRAIN to respond in their role before a disaster.

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RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English
Surviving an active shooter event. English version

Click here to go to Homeland Security's Active Shooter Training 45 minutes
Training resources are abundant and in many cases free of charge.  It is often difficult to know what training offers the best results for time and energy spent.

*** IT's HERE *** 

Active Shooter Hospital Policy
Northwest Training Network and PRN is in the process of implementing an active shooter generic hospital policy based on RUN-HIDE-FIGHT.  To contribute, contact Dale at 660/341-4801 - email can provide contracted PLANNING and TRAINING, working with your designated Emergency Preparedness Director at your facility.  We facilitate planning and ongoing updates through short productive meetings with your staff or video conference on line formats.

Medical Reserve Corps
Support Your Local

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Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers: Sign up today!

Mission :  The mission of the MRC is to engage volunteers to strengthen public health, emergency response and community resiliency.

PRN can provide your facility ; 
Review your severe weather plan to include, snow, ice, wind, rain, hail, tornado, hurricane
Ice storms cause major disruption of communication, transportation and power.
  • Table Top Drill yearly
  • Full Disaster Drill yearly
  • Team Training specific to their planned role in an actual disaster, before, during and after your disaster drills.  
  • Training from local, state and federal sources
  • Disaster Plans UpDated (yearly)

Starting at  $ 385 a month - In Network special pricing available

PREPARE NOW  ...  Check out these resources ;

L.E.P.C. Local Emergency Planning Committee
Contact your local LEPC
Hospitals and EMS systems should already have a representative serving on the local committee.  These committees are controlled by the county commission or city administration.  Your involvement is important to develop the best response for both HAZMAT and disaster response for your area

Oklahoma LEPC Introduction
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LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee
This video briefly addresses the importance of LEPCs and basic training for their members.

Show-Me Response  the online registration system for volunteer health professionals, the site is operated by the Missouri Department of Health ...
<- The Call ... is the official newsletter for the ShowMeResponseRecommended Training ...  important for Show-Me Response volunteers to receive emergency preparedness education and training in the Incident Command Structure (ICS), which is the management system used by responders during emergency response events. Show-Me Response recommends the following on-line training and educational resources:1) Start with this training.  Having a plan for you and your family will allow you to be ready to respond.  READY IN 3
2) Next, take the series of Incident Command trainings which explains the command structure needed to prepare for, mitigate and recover from any event.
3) Courses by the NDLSF prepare the learner to plan and triage...

ndlsf2-withname3National Disaster Life Support Foundation - click here to go to the home page.  

Please take advantage of these trainings when they come to your area.
B.D.L.S. Basic Disaster Life Support    FREE (prerequisite to A.D.L.S.)Tues, May 14     Hannibal

TRIAGE - Sorting, Picking, to provide the most good for the most people with given resources...

S.A.L.T. Triage - recommended by the NDLSF for a standardized triage system in the United States.  This system is the same as START and Jump START combined adding two critical elements.

S.A.L.T. Triage, recommended for use in the state of Missouri and nation wide.After the Call for walking wounded, there is a second call to wave, indicating wounds too severe to walk and those not responding assumed dead or immediate life threat.  

Field Treatment ;

  • Control Severe Bleeding
  • Open Airway if pediatric consider giving two breaths
  • Decompression of the chest
  • administration of auto injector antidote

I have recommended the adoption of this triage method to the Missouri DHSS


NWSS Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H Kearny

Nuclear War Survival Skills   Comprehensive book by the late Cresson H. Kearny.
Cresson H Kearney studied survival techniques on contract for the federal government.  When the book NWSS was completed, officials elected not to distribute the book for fear of heightening cold war tensions with the USSR.  

A possible distribution map for fallout with speculative targets and Cresson made his extensive government sponsored research free for download or hardcopy, the only restrictions are to NOT CHANGE or MODIFY any of the content.  The information in this book could save countless thousands of lives in the event of a nuclear conflict through simple expedient self preparedness.  Knowledge is key and this timeless book represents preparedness beyond our present day dangers, as nuclear weapons have decreased in size and number since the "Mutual Assured Destruction" cold war years.  
KFM Kearny Fallout Meter named after its inventor Cresson H Kearny.  The meter can be easily built from home materials becoming a working dosemeter for home use.
His book prepares for a worst case scenario of all out nuclear war between the former USSR and the US, but Cresson personally felt that the most likely nuclear conflict would be a limited exchange with radioactive fallout being the threat to most Americans. 

Author, scientist and personal friend Cresson H Kearny with his KAP Kearny Air PumpThis book is personally recommended.  All information in the book is scientific based and field tested by ordinary Americans.  

This drawing shows how packed earth can reduce the effects of fallout radiation on living thingsI participated in several aspects of his field research in the late 1970s - early 80s, including limestone mine ventilation (picture right) home fallout / blast shelters, and a Junior Achievement project to manufacture the otherwise home made KFM Kearny Fallout Meter.  (pictured at the left) 

WATCH - For Storm Spotter Classes in your area each spring...

Are there enough trained storm spotters? In my opinion the answer is NO.  Training to recognize dangerous atmospheric events should be a required course of study in every high school.  Every citizen should know more about hazards which could threaten the area in which they live.  Storms are becoming more intense and our aging infrastructure more fragile.  Due in part to the Sequester on funds, NOAH will receive less funds to teach these lifesaving classes. 

Lifesavers in Disaster
Why are they important? Watch this 6 minute YouTube video.

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Amateur radio today - hosted by Walter Cronkite, SK.
Hosted by Walter Cronkite, this video describes my main hobby...ham radio!
commentary by Dale Green
Definite reason to activate or al least review your winter disaster response.  
This could count as one of your disaster drills.  A table top drill can be a review of this same disaster at a later date.  
Hospitals may be missing an opportunity to conduct a disaster drill with real benefit to hospital and patients.
The environmentally controlled tent is set up specifically for the huge influx of influenza patients which has added additional stress to the Level One Trauma Center.  Separating contagious flu patients from other medical and trauma patients assists with prevention of nosocomial infection rates.  
Our emergency staff advocates ;
Summary, routine use of disaster equipment and procedures assures proper use during a larger scale event.

  • TEST - at a minimum of weekly
  • CHARGE - with back up batteries and plugged into emergency grid
  • ACCESS - by your key team leaders 
  • FREEDOM -  to use whenever team leaders determine the need

CELL PHONES - Have been used in disaster especially utilizing text messaging, but SHOULD NOT be your primary communication plan during regional damage to infrastructure.  If you are able to text, use the text in a manor that allows both parties to KNOW that the text has been received... Use of "closed loop communication" is the best way to assure texts are received.