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Personal Emergency Preparedness


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Personal Emergency Preparedness

WELCOME ... This section is by invitation only and is designed to help individuals and families in times of crisis.  Please feel free to comment and add resources to this page. Please understand that while you may add a comment or resource link or page, editors will sometimes omit same if it does not reflect our guidelines for courtesy, practicality and proven information.

                 Choose your Disaster ...

Depending on your area, different types disasters will be more likely.  Keep in mind, if it rains where you live, FLOODING can occur.  Weather events effect the entire world, so no what to expect and prepare for loss of goods / services.  Beyond weather, are conditions such as earthquake and tsunami, either of which can cause widespread destruction and loss of life as we know it.  Meteorological events while devastating and the stuff of disaster movies, are extremely rare.  Constants in human history include war, social unrest, riot and breakdown of rule of law.

                    So what should I prepare for  ?
An ALL HAZARDS APPROACH is the best way to prepare for difficult times.  
* Stay aware of what is happening in your area ... monitoring weather and news can help you know what is dangerous and give you ideas of what you should do.
All Hazards Weather Radio, with crank, battery and solar power are lifesavers.   Some can also charge your cell phone.
* Bug Out - have the ability to leave quickly if conditions in your area become hazardous.  More information can be found at
* Bug In - also known as Shelter In Place, would be conditions where it might be safer to stay where you are, rather than take chances leaving the area.  Be ready to stay in your location for a minimum or 3 days, with a goal of 2 weeks or longer. also has information regarding shelter in place.
*Safety in Numbers - is an important concept that you should consider when planning for emergency.  Having a group who shares plans with backup plans can be life saving. * Communication - is the most mentioned problem identified by those in emergency preparedness experts in either exercises or actual disasters.  So if you are working with a group, remember that communication will likely break down.  Cell phones may be the first to malfunction in crisis, use text messages with a time stamp for vital information only. Allow much more time for an answer.  Don't rely on last minute planning which requires communication, rather, have a plan, and also plans B, C etc in case plan A fails.
* Survival Basics - rule of 3s ...
3 minutes without air - dust, smoke, fumes, chemicals
3 hours without shelter - hypothermia or hyperthermia
3 days without water - loss of water accelerates in warm or windy weather
3 weeks without food -  most well nourished humans can survive but badly 
3 months without socialization - can lead to insanity and poor decisions
3 years without medical treatment - most humans need healthcare to survive

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Personal Emergency Preparedness
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Personal Emergency Preparedness
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